I was pregnant, lost my job and needed help.
Gabriel Project assisted me throughout my pregnancy and I was able to keep a roof over my head.
Gabriel Project made me feel important and
I never failed to draw strength from such an encounter.
I felt that God was always by my side.
My life has changed a lot….
My daughter’s father abandoned me and I never heard from him since then. Now that my daughter is born,
I do not want to separate myself from her. Thank you, Gabriel Project, for all the help. God bless you!
In addition to the prenatal care, I am so grateful for the encouragement I received, especially when
I was sad or feeling unsure. I can’t believe that Gabriel Project was able to help me so much. Thank you
for supporting me and bringing me great joy.
Gabriel Project made a difference in my life as they opened the doors of help to me and my baby.
I am a mother of five children and my husband is battling with cancer. When I realized I was pregnant, we found ourselves in a difficult situation.
Thank God Gabriel Project was there to help
with my prenatal care expenses.
Gabriel Project made a great difference in my life as they help me with everything free of charge. They were really a great help to me. God bless you always!